Adobe Max is a virtual event featuring live and on-demand content, including sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances and celebrity guest appearances, plus sneak peeks of new Adobe features straight from the Adobe labs.

Adobe and Laundry Service invite me to be a part of this incredible event! It's an absolute honour to be involved and included alongside such an amazing team of creatives.

The Brief:
As part of the CoCreate: MAX Illustration Team, I've been commissioned to create the official cover art to promote an official Spotify x Adobe MAX playlist across Adobe social channels, inspired on a curated music playlist to boost creativity.

The Idea:
For me, music is a place. Is the best partner to work, to take a rest, or to take a ride on a bike outside. I believe music enhances and fuels creativity and inspiration. What we think of as creativity means original ideas, unexpected ideas, insights, and solutions.
I wanted to create a magic place, where music takes me. This place is like a fantasy garden with mythical creatures. In Asia the phoenix reigns over all the birds, and is the symbol of the Chinese Empress and feminine grace, as well as the knowledge and inspiration.

Created by Carolina Peláez - Kropsiland for Adobe CoCreate: MAX 2020