Here is an illustration of a personal project. 
My Bird Therapy. Just learning about my Mental Health.
Well! 🔥 Hell was full, so I came back 😅👹 Feeling this new bloody version of myself and accepting all this lessons with love 🖤.
🌪The hardest battle is always with yourself, with your EGO, your fears, your weakness and insecurities 🥀 
🌈 I’ve been learning how to Protect my Peace and my Energy: • How it feels is more important than how it looks • So this is a note to myself:

💌 | All your feelings are Real and Valid. Boss it up! Clean the blood, repair all the broken stuff, change some things, read that book u love, make yourself strong 🥊eat your greens 🍁🥦 don’t forget who burned you, and just rebuild your own fkn ruins | 🧘🏻‍♀️✨This is the quietest, simplest and most powerful revolution ever: TAKE YOUR POWER BACK 💘🔥🦅